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M a k i n g   B r a n d s

R e s o n a t e

A goal without a plan
is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

S t r a t e g i c   P l a n n i n g

Lodico helps clients overcome market obstacles. We are experts at developing and deploying fresh approaches that resonate with our clients’ target audiences. Our process begins by conducting our special brand of due diligence and synthesizing your goals and challenges. We add market intelligence, assess available resources, and provide you with goal-oriented strategies and tactics.

As both strategists and tacticians, Lodico delivers outcomes that raise awareness and drive brand affinity. Each marketing initiative is measured and adjusted. Lodico brings value by executing powerful, insightful and quantifiable initiatives.

Challenge Lodico to help you achieve your goals!

G e t   t h e   W o r d   O u t

PR excellence requires crafting a clear message, differentiated from competitors. Then your value proposition must reach your targeted audiences.

Before drafting a press release or article, our process identifies those key differentiated features and benefits. We highlight and communicate that value to the customer. Do we make the customer’s job easier, reduce their cost, or provide them with a competitive advantage? How do we demonstrate thought leadership? How are we positioned favorably versus the competition? Are there misconceptions that must be overcome?

Clients trust Lodico’s ability to take complex technical concepts and explain them with clarity and fidelity. Then, armed with dozens of years of experience building global relationships with editors and publishers, and leveraging our comprehensive database of thousands of editors, analysts, and influencers, Lodico provides clients with unfettered reach.

W h a t   w e   d o

But press releases are only one tool we use. Routinely, we build and manage client websites, create online web and newsroom content, draft and place contributed articles, conduct press tours, deploy social media campaigns, produce videos, uncover op-ed and speaking opportunities, and submit award applications. Lodico helps its clients by implementing just the right complement of activities needed to build world-class brands.


Our services include:

  • Articles: drafting / copyediting & placement

  • Blog content

  • Case Studies

  • Collateral

  • Conference event planning & support

  • Database management

  • Editorial sessions and press tours

  • Marketing automation

  • Newsletters

  • Newsroom development and content creation

  • Press release drafting & distribution

  • Social media marketing

  • Video scripting and production

  • Website design & content creation

  • Webinars


M a r k e t i n g   A u t o m a t i o n

Implement the right marketing automation tool and you will gain a competitive advantage, and you're more likely to win more business. When you can establish a "useful" and enjoyable rapport by nurturing customers and prospects with content they need, you gain favor. Marketing automation also allows you to better monitor where each customer is in their purchasing cycle, so sales can be automatically notified to proactively reach out to them at just the right time during the product/vendor selection process. By knowing details about the specific website pages each customer visits and their behavior in response to communications they receive, you can identify, categorize and build personas for each customer in your database.

Lodico helps clients select and implement the right marketing automation tool that will meet their needs and their budget.


Here are some of the initiatives we perform for clients:

  • Lead Management

  • Database set-up and segmentation

  • Customize scoring rules for demographic and behavioral touchpoints

  • Nurturing program set-up

  • Landing Pages and Web Forms

  • Email Marketing

  • Build templates

  • Newsletters

  • Social Marketing

  • Create streams to monitor Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Publish on social networks

  • Social Analytics

  • Web Tracking and SEO

  • Analytics – harvest data about anonymous and known visitors

  • Google and LinkedIn search data

  • Web traffic filters

  • Webinar Program Automation

  • Registration and confirmation forms

  • Promotional messages

  • Trackable link creation to identify registrants

  • Event management

  • CRM Integration (partial list)

  • Salesforce

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • SugarCRM

  • Netsuite

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