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L e a d e r s h I p   T e a m

Ira oversees research, strategic planning, public relations, copywriting - actually anything involving words or numbers.




Tactically, he applies quantitative, analytical methodologies that allow us to respond intelligently when a client asks why they should consider a strategy or tactic that we propose. Not a run-of-the-mill agency bird, Ira’s armed with a life sciences doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.


Ira spent 15 years on the corporate side, first developing biotech products, and then building and managing the sales / marketing departments and distribution networks for several tech-based businesses which are now units of 3M, GE Healthcare, and Dow Chemical. He, along with two partners, then started a bioseparations company which is now also a division of GE Healthcare.

Since transition to marketing consulting at Lodico, Ira has provided support to a diverse array of clients in the fields of drug discovery, diagnostics, bioseparations, chemicals, industrial process, electronic components, semiconductor, computing, networking, software, and education. In his  management of Lodico’s public relations business Ira has forged longstanding, global relationships with editorial/publishing communities and routinely leverages these on behalf of clients.

Barbara is the founder, visionary, and creative driving force behind Lodico and Company.




For 20 years she has found that ‘sweet spot’ where strategy, tactics, and aesthetics converge to generate the results her clients depend on. Applying discipline and methodologies to the creative process, staying on top of the key drivers to powerful market awareness, including social and all things digital, Barbara develops campaigns which routinely exceed goals.


Barbara oversees the creative direction for video and advertising concepts, and ensures the right message efficiently reaches its defined target. She appreciates that marketing has plenty of moving parts…and she’s the glue that keeps them integrated at Lodico. 

With an artistic degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and a business degree from Western New England College, Barbara blends graphic design, media acumen, with B2B and B2C savoir faire.


Her early client-side career instilled client simpatico. But it is her long record of client successes on the agency side, and her keen understanding of the ever moving digital drivers that influence media awareness, that combine to surprise and delight clients.

Developing and delivering your message requires the synergy of many moving parts and our planning process is key to your success.


The first step we take is gaining a thorough understanding of your marketing universe. We assess your contact databases and how they are segmented. We itemize your organization's structure, how you go to market, your marketing assets, website, social and traditional campaigns. Do you use CMS or CRM systems, and how well do they integrate with your website and sales efforts? What support, content generation and financial resources are at your disposal? What performance benchmarks have you set? Our questions result in creating a go-to-market plan which ties points of measurement that are routinely analyzed and acted upon.


Lodico has experienced marketers, programmers, content-builders and SEO expertise, and we also have strong global network of researchers, IT experts, editors, media professionals and even application developers. Once we synthesize our research and resources, we present you with our ideas for connecting all these pieces into an integrated, coherent plan within your budget that will deliver the results you seek.


Simply stated, Lodico brings value by providing best-in-class deliverables based on strong, insightful, strategically-justified and quantifiable initiatives.


As our customers will confirm, our process is proven. Challenge us to help you achieve your goals!

Here are a few of the questions we'll figure out the answers together:

Do you have a working, healthy database?

Do you use any marketing automation tools?

Does your website reflect your business direction & serve your customers/prospects well?

What's your rolling product launch plan?

Let's discuss your content plans!

Do your visuals tell your current story well?

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